Understanding Money: There Are Two Ways to Interpret the Rules of the Game.

In my last article about money you noticed I stated that we don’t need the banks. We need currency, a measure of value but we do not need the bank. This is a radical idea and one that needs our scrutiny. Banks are so everywhere that we do not really notice there might be life, even a really good life, without them. Imagine, will you please, a world without any poor people, an entire globe in a state of peacefulness where every human being is a fully actualized, functional, coherent, intelligent and entirely healthy individual, imagine the creativity that lies dormant within us waiting for a moment to spring forth.  Imagine all national governments in our world, autonomously cooperative, serving their people with free education, free health care, participatory legislatures and continuing growing economies based on resource sharing. Imagine happiness for everyone; happiness that comes through freedom from fear and want. In the state we are in which is the siege of survival,…
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Understanding money: Pay Yourself First

Beginning in the 1700’s, the first Big Daddy of money was Mayer Amchel Rothschild: his famous remark you will relate to: Let me control the money, I care not who makes the laws.  Then, just before she died at an age well over 90, his wife who produced 5 daughters and the 5 sons who became the banks of England, France, Italy, Spain and Germany gave us this gem: “If my sons did not want war, there would be none.” Well, my dear friends, we live in a world controlled from the shadows by that familiar mechanism, and it is a very big heartless game. Yup, it’s called money. Never minding the global stranglehold exerted on the whole of humanity, when we really examine our personal relationship with money it is fraught with ignorance and fear. And our throw away phrase says a lot, “I need money to live!” This article and the next ones coming will begin to dispel the fear along with an opening to understanding what money really is and how you yourself can actually command the mo…
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And what is this “Ravens’ medicine” anyway?

So, what might it all be about, I ask myself allowing a quiet mind to gather the message and the meaning of it all. And what is this “Ravens’ medicine” anyway? There’s a story about how it all began. Well, you knew there is a story, did you not? After this distance, you are certain there is be a pause and a story. So: in those days when I was driving my first van, Tulip, on the roads of the western United States, I took myself to Flagstaff, AZ with the intention to drive northward to visit the Grand Canyon. It is up a long, quite straight highway over mainly flat desert-like territory tufted with tumbleweed, the inevitable though scarce cactus and a few creosote bushes along the way. It was early afternoon when I made it to the park where there are large parking lots, park offices and an architectural glass and steel overlook at the rim itself. I strolled out to the front rail of the bridge, leaned over and took a long look, across the divide, to the east and to the we…
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To Influence the World, We must Think Different.

If there might be any one thing that this blog is about it is about thinking different. We can remember Steve Jobs: he invented Apple computers. One of very few television programs I saw was a sort of documentary about Steve and Apple and about his famous slogan: Think Different. One of his senior people said to the audience that even though it became a public campaign, the message was probably for his staff: think different. We can listen to Steve ourselves and do as he suggested: Think Different. Why might this be so critical? Einstein told us: we cannot solve the problem with the same mind that created it. My personal journey of transformation began at a particular period when I was noticing a lot of dissonance in my life, kind of like the attention demanded by a wheel bearing screaming to be lubricated before it burns out. I was noticing my own karma rubbing very uncomfortably at my days and evenings making life plain difficult. I also began to look around me at…
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In the Valley of the Blind, the one-eyed One is King

In 1957 at 17, I saw only blind people wearing masks pretending they could see it all. At 18, I learned I had one eye. I could see the colors of the spirits of the trees, the flowing wave energy of animals and humans, sometimes even their colors. I heard a clear, sweet voice in my heart-mind which gave me directions and repeated over and over again, “You are all right. You are all right.” That alone saved my sanity even as I was being programmed. I listened and learned to endure my life as it was at home with a punishing mother and at school with frightened and coercive teachers. Even the church’s dictum was shouted admonishingly at me to believe and to conform. When I was first taken to church at the age of only 7, I knew that I did not have to believe anything. It is Lucifer, the bright one, who is charged to tempt humans away from their divinity. He makes the deals which most everyone has signed up for. I could not see it as any kind of deal, so I did not sign…
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Go placidly amid the noise and the haste and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender be on good terms with all persons.  Speak your truth quietly and clearly and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they, too, have their story.  Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself to others you may become vain and bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your career however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism.  Be yourself, especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love, for in the face of all aridity and disencha…
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Social Self Defense

The social hug can sometimes be an opportunity for the vampires in our midst. It takes perception and finesse to avoid them without fracturing the social edifice. My sensors are awake to a deep perception of all people for each of them teaches me their special human lesson. Some lessons I wish I did not have to learn but I do because it means making my way safely through field of land mines called society. I can truly understand only my own path. No one is living their life because of me, either for me or against me. Many many people, however, are both unaware of the true nature of our reality or of the necessity to protect and nurture the light of their soul. It is necessary to consciously claim your soul. It is not a given. I know I am the only one responsible for myself. It is on me to resolve all facets of the Jewel of my Being (a good teacher calls it a spiritual logo) in order to properly matriculate from incarnation in the physical world. Right now is my best…
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How do we learn what we learn: Ignorance is not bliss!

I’m not sure I can remember when I first heard “Ignorance is not bliss”. It is certain that it is as true today as it was that long ago when. Turns out I can blog here about some of the different changes that have come to me again and yet again. When I was thirty something, a particularly good teacher said it like this “There are three realms of knowledge. The first is what you know that you know.” “You know how to drive a car.” “The second realm of knowledge is what you know you do not know.” “You do not know how to fix the car.” “Then there is the third – and by far the largest realm of knowledge. That is the realm that you do not know that you do not know.” “It’s okay not to know but what does not work is not to know that you do not know. It is the height of arrogance to pretend that you know everything.” “Only when you know that you do not know, are you teachable” Ignorance is not bliss. Well it may not be so blissful to learn what you wish you di…
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GRANDMOTHER: Who is she anyway?

My next birthday is only 78. It could easily be said that I might be sitting in the sun in some tropic clime sipping a little lemon and mineral water. But that is not my present reality. I am in Vancouver in Canada. It’s a world class city with all the perks and all the gruesome realities living side by side up the streets and down the back alleys. Vancouver is old enough a city that when the forest that was here was clear cut to make space for streets and buildings, when it began to grow in its own fashion; in many places around the city, behind the buildings and back yards, where the muddy tracks were paved, the alleys have survived to this day. All that’s needed is to check out some of your favorite TV programs to see them used as locations. I live way down town on the east side in what is the ‘lower city’, the ghetto of poverty, seedy hotels and littered streets as a kind of anomaly: I’m an old lady trolling the streets in an electric powered chair. I am an age now…
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The Last Post

Dear Friends, Compadres, Cohorts, Companions, all Pilgrims on the Path, Warrior Sisters; One and All This is the Last Post. I do not now know today what the outcome is to be but what must be is that I pull back and allow what will be.  My life is fast approaching its final days. The money that I have is dwindling very quickly. I cannot create any income here. Although my writing is original and my ideas and plans for books are very worthy, my writing career will take many months to realize a return. Every day I wake in the morning to pray and to offer the Great Ones who are near my gratitude and thankfulness for having been able to accumulate both knowledge and wisdom, to have endured and been raised by the ostracisms, ridicule and hardships of my time here to understand eternal truth. I am blessed and spiritually fulfilled. I can heartfully return to the celestial worlds. I am only about a month from the end of days. Should there be anything of me that is worth som…
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Raising my sights, raising myself to manifest the Ecuador project

July 20 , 2015 Raising my sights, raising myself to manifest the Ecuador project. These have been times of crisis and I acknowledge that I have, for a while at least, made myself their victim. Sure, it is possible for me to talk myself into it because that day in the sheeting rain in Costa Rica when I was feeling physically plain lousy and could not see clearly the road ahead of me, it was needed at the moment to respond to overwhelming circumstances. And I did: when the cop showed up, I talked myself and, a stranger, my landowner benefactor to allow an old lady to sleep it off in the driveway. It allowed me to go on later with the rest of the tank of gas to the next destination. It showed me where and how to get on my computer to communicate my plight to the world where there was assistance to be found. All the while I was safe and never in any kind of danger. That’s always always how it works. There is always a way. I can thank myself for all the work I have be…
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Day to Day on the Road

Day to Day on the Road Willy Nelson has a famous song. It was a wonderful liberation to be on the road again. And then it was Mexico for more than 3000 miles; onward through Central America, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and now Panama on the Pan-American Highway another over 1000 miles: December to the end of May. Apart from all that driving: think that I am always at home in the great Red Bear, the name I have given to this 1 ton Ford Club Wagon. What on earth am I doing and how am I able to sustain myself? What has it really taken me personally to make it so far? Many of you cannot imagine life without something from the medicine cabinet but I am using only my two hands and a comprehensive system of meridian therapy I have practiced as a kind of yoga since 1971. When I awaken, I often also perform Health Regenerations Exercises which came from a book about healing sports injuries by a young martial artist. When I move my energies aro…
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Watch and listen for the synchronicity

July 15, 2015 Watch and listen for the synchronicity Those who believe only in the material world call it coincidence: things that happen together: co – together and incidents – happenings, events, etc. It’s also been called serendipity, a word coined by Horace Walpole in 1754 after reading an Arabic fairy tale about the Three Princes of Serendip, fortunate fellows, indeed, who were told to have made discoveries of wonderful things by ‘accident,’ and who subsequently jumped up and down in their princely attire joyfully celebrating their good fortune. Our understanding has grown over the past 40 years or so concerning the implications of the quantum worlds but because our brains race along at 10 – 28 Hz, we cannot see beyond what we are looking at and it all looks quite solid. So we have come to learn that ‘coincidence’ and ‘serendipity’ are events that were already in motion only to come unexpectedly for us into the material world. Now some call it blind luck …
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Unremarkable persons in quite ordinary lives

July 15, 2015 Unremarkable persons in quite ordinary lives What does it take for unremarkable persons in quite ordinary lives to find our true calling, to join with our soul companions and to meet our destiny? In days past, I attended goddess ceremonials originally sponsored by Starhawk in the San Francisco Bay area of northern California. During the later parts of the evening’s festivities, a whole room, maybe 100 of us, decorated and costumed women were led through a spiral dance. It goes like this: our priestess takes the hand of one woman in the room and all of us join hands behind her as she continues around the room dancing into smaller and smaller circles until at the smaller point she turns outward in the opposite direction leading the line now formed dancing behind her until the whole of it unrolls once again. When we arrive again to our places, we shout, cheer joyfully and dance in our places then make merry together feasting on the exotic meals we each…
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