I get to laugh again quite heartily about how truly fabulous the Great Universe is for us. All I need to do is do it.

Raising my sights, raising myself to manifest the Ecuador project

July 20 , 2015

Raising my sights, raising myself to manifest the Ecuador project.

These have been times of crisis and I acknowledge that I have, for a while at least, made myself their victim. Sure, it is possible for me to talk myself into it because that day in the sheeting rain in Costa Rica when I was feeling physically plain lousy and could not see clearly the road ahead of me, it was needed at the moment to respond to overwhelming circumstances.

And I did: when the cop showed up, I talked myself and, a stranger, my landowner benefactor to allow an old lady to sleep it off in the driveway. It allowed me to go on later with the rest of the tank of gas to the next destination. It showed me where and how to get on my computer to communicate my plight to the world where there was assistance to be found. All the while I was safe and never in any kind of danger.

That’s always always how it works. There is always a way.

I can thank myself for all the work I have been doing and continue to do that made that conviction solid within me even though at this particular unfolding time, I was pretty much devastated.

So I gave myself a break and so should you when this sort of stuff happens. Congratulate yourself about how far you have already come, and begin again: right now.

Even before these times or without the computer, I could quite well have found assistance in someone who would have supported me to eat, to clean myself and to go on. In different kinds of times, different tactics are called for. It is the warriors’ way. We are all in our own way Pilgrims on the Path.

But the major tactic is what lives within me: what I have educated into myself, what I have chanted and meditated into myself, and given myself the gift of: the understanding of the metaphysical basis of life.

It’s not just the world that I can see, it is the world that I cannot see but that I can FEEL that has become at least as real for me as the trees, grasses, the dinner on my plate, the people around me including a Spanish speaking, soft eyed cop and a compassionate land owner in a foreign country neither of whom understood my English and who decided anyway to help this woman.

I have made my mind up into the knowledge that there is reliable help and assistance to be found anywhere. All that is needed and wanted is to know and – to ask. None of this utter independence for me: I know I am NOT an island and I am not alone. Get connected is my motto, tap into the universal data base.

Remember, I am always connected and I shall be called upon to give again what I have asked for that the circle may be unbroken. What goes around comes around.

All the homilies are based in a metaphysical reality that is bigger than we are and that is all around, in and through us. What a Plan!

Not so many people understand that what they do most every day involves metaphysical principle. Maybe I have been fortunate to have been asking big questions my whole life. Maybe I have also been fortunate to keep on asking even when I did not know I was getting answers and even when it seemed that what I was getting was not what I could see was in my best interests.

Well, what about that anyway? I learned to trust and if there is a message in this small piece it is: trust.

I have re-discovered dandelions. Those precious golden flowers we think are weeds are cosmic messengers indicating that the rhyme and rhythm of the cosmos is still working. Just take a good look staring into the face of one of those flowers. Do it at least to prove something to yourself, okay!

Well, here I am in Panama. It is a way out of what my life for the past 70 something years has been about first in Canada and lately in the United States. So, in order to understand myself, make some head and tails of what I must now accomplish to move forward, I have been looking again deeply into the metaphysics of my life and noticing again those yellow dandelions that have found a home in tropical dirt: yup, still working!

I am being aided and abetted – well, wouldn’t you know it? – by some serendipitous events that have been happening. I found, for instance, a particular URL where I could download one of my favorite teachers interesting works.

Stuart Wilde wrote in his Taos Quintet a little book titled: The Trick to Money is Having Some. It shows his youth when I read it again in that he is known to be a little of a smart ass and the telling of the book reflects his quirky outlook. It is just the thing right now to cause me to raise my sights, raise my consciousness and get ready for an abundance.

The piece that I downloaded was all jumbled up as one huge file without editing or page breaks. It was necessary for me to tackle it as an editor to completely re-format it and clean it up. Now what do you suppose that means: yup, I get to read it in a rather critical manner and take it all in again?

How timely is that? How sweet? How just right on time for what I must now do for myself if I am going to go forward. Motivation does have an effect, especially if one rises to the occasion, puts on a new hat, a new coat, and steps out into the fray.

The trick to money is having some. Indeed!

I have been here in El Valle de Anton for a few weeks. I have found a place to stay in my wee home on wheels to work on my project, to give a little to the woman who supports me, to sew a little for some good people here in exchange for some cash to work with.

I am certain this is just a way station on the journey and that opportunities for raising consciousness will come again. This one, like all of them, is timely.

And I get to laugh again quite heartily about how truly fabulous the Great Universe is for us. All I need to do is do it.

So I am writing this little piece first for me (I get to read it first!) and for you so that you can share in my elation that once again I come upon the larger truths.

This is remind both of us that the universe has supported us in eternity, that we are never alone, that a way out of all the corners we may have painted ourselves into always exists (it is an evolving plan)  and that there is always a way and when a way is found, there is always a better way.

Count on it. I have and I do. Bon appétit!