The Last Post

Dear Friends, Compadres, Cohorts, Companions, all Pilgrims on the Path, Warrior Sisters; One and All

This is the Last Post. I do not now know today what the outcome is to be but what must be is that I pull back and allow what will be.  My life is fast approaching its final days.

The money that I have is dwindling very quickly. I cannot create any income here. Although my writing is original and my ideas and plans for books are very worthy, my writing career will take many months to realize a return.

Every day I wake in the morning to pray and to offer the Great Ones who are near my gratitude and thankfulness for having been able to accumulate both knowledge and wisdom, to have endured and been raised by the ostracisms, ridicule and hardships of my time here to understand eternal truth. I am blessed and spiritually fulfilled. I can heartfully return to the celestial worlds.

I am only about a month from the end of days. Should there be anything of me that is worth something to you, this is the time to reach out while there are still options open. I can return to the United States with my green card and to Canada my original home. Ecuador is also before me: any of these might be Amazing Grace.

And it also might be that this is the way in which the Great Universe is preparing me for the next phase of my own and humanity’s transformation. I do not know how long it will take for me to grow up enough to be able to make a difference.

Thank you all for reading my story. My plan was to inform, entertain you and to cause you to pause, contemplate and renew your spirit. Love and Blessings, I pray for us all.

Your sister in eternity,  Amraah Carole White.

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