Those who believe only in the material world call it coincidence: Serendipity Roses

Watch and listen for the synchronicity

July 15, 2015

Watch and listen for the synchronicity

Those who believe only in the material world call it coincidence: things that happen together: co – together and incidents – happenings, events, etc. It’s also been called serendipity, a word coined by Horace Walpole in 1754 after reading an Arabic fairy tale about the Three Princes of Serendip, fortunate fellows, indeed, who were told to have made discoveries of wonderful things by ‘accident,’ and who subsequently jumped up and down in their princely attire joyfully celebrating their good fortune.

Our understanding has grown over the past 40 years or so concerning the implications of the quantum worlds but because our brains race along at 10 – 28 Hz, we cannot see beyond what we are looking at and it all looks quite solid. So we have come to learn that ‘coincidence’ and ‘serendipity’ are events that were already in motion only to come unexpectedly for us into the material world.

Now some call it blind luck as well but I know differently and I am here to say: keep a ‘weather eye’ open for the wonder of it all. It’s a railway crossing, folks: Stop. Look and Listen there is always some sort of magic afoot.

George Orellana found me serendipitously at the border of El Salvador and smoothed my way through later keeping me safe in the alley at his home while money stuff was figured out miles, countries, languages and the clocks different time zones far away.

I would sit in the van with the plug in the wall and my computer on my lap writing my blog while the cute, very short grey haired, little grandmother of the family came to peer in the window of the sliding door standing on her tippy toes to do so.

Imagine: I would be sitting there. I would put my hands up to tap my head quickly on each side in an ‘I’m thinking ‘ gesture then put my hands at the keyboard to write – a couple of times in rapid succession – and Orbilena would laugh and I laughed with her. No princely robes here but lots of funniness to enjoy.

Daniel found me in Paso Canoas while I was taking a meal and he was between buses on his way to San Jose, Costa Rica, places you have only vaguely heard about. In a short few days, he drove with me here to El Valle de Anton and we found a hostel where I am safe with good people. Just like that. I knew him and he knew he would assist me.

People have come forward to make quite unexpected donations sorely needed just for simple survival. Imagine how my heart has been warmed and my budget eased along with my still baby mind’s worry about these issues.

Serendipity, darlings, kindly fortune welcomed with gratitude.

Where I am parked now, grounded because of visa restrictions and an overriding prudence not to test the politics of a country I do not know very well, I am not only under a shelter out of the sometimes heavy downpour of the rainy season, I also have a signal to work with and a sparkling companion when company and a trip to Panama City is the order of the day.

Just stop for a New York minute and check out for yourself, in your own life, how much you have benefited by those seeming coincidences, happy accidents, and righteous very good timing. Serendipity! And as I have done, make it a plan to be thankful when the good happens.

Imagine that I wake up every morning in a state of gratitude and thankfulness: how might at 76 years, a grey haired, ‘divine’ older woman have been doing this long drive southward? How could I have done it? How might my health be holding up? How about my good mood, the will and a growing good discipline to have the project in Ecuador work for the good of all concerned. How does this all happen: it is quite a lot more than pushing the river or ‘making it happen?”

I’ m here to congratulate myself for putting the wisdom growing in me to good use. How about you doing the same: we are worth it! We might also make a case that the world needs us to figure it out and make a contribution.

One last note on that idea of serendipity: after Einstein came other physicists telling us for quite some time now that it is a quantum reality with myriad dimensions piled one on top of the other in a no-time and no-space continuum. And, guess what else they are telling us: it is only real when we observe it.

To stretch the idea, your world only exists when you wake up in the morning to see that, yup, it’s still there!

Ok, let’s go another short distance: If indeed my presence in my world makes it so for me, then I am its creator. And since it is all going on in me anyway, that means without any doubt, I am creating my reality moment to moment just by being present in it. When I really take this in and wear the paradox like a fine dress, it becomes ever more real.

Fred Alan Wolf in ‘What the Bleep” said: “There is no out there, out there!” Means that serendipity, coincidence, happy accident, whatever you want to call it has all been made by you and me as we go along.

Time to get present, don’t you think? Time to take ourselves as cosmic travelers making it all up as we go along making it into very powerful fun!

So, darlings, here we are: Now and here….now here … nowhere and everywhere all at once. My life is the university I have enrolled in when I was given a body by my parents and birthed into it by my mother. I can make of it what I will and so I shall.

Wanna play? I thought you might be up for some of the fun. Let’s go!

The game is to be called: Etrusca Ecuador Permaculture Plantation and Healing Temple. I have been dreaming this dream for at least 8 years and it comes ever closer to the ground. You, your skills and talents, your best ideas are needed and wanted to give this great gift to the whole of humanity. It begins in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador and it will expand further. Thanks for making it ready to participate. Love and Blessings, Amraah