Meditating with the Sun

Unremarkable persons in quite ordinary lives

July 15, 2015

Unremarkable persons in quite ordinary lives

What does it take for unremarkable persons in quite ordinary lives to find our true calling, to join with our soul companions and to meet our destiny?

In days past, I attended goddess ceremonials originally sponsored by Starhawk in the San Francisco Bay area of northern California. During the later parts of the evening’s festivities, a whole room, maybe 100 of us, decorated and costumed women were led through a spiral dance.

It goes like this: our priestess takes the hand of one woman in the room and all of us join hands behind her as she continues around the room dancing into smaller and smaller circles until at the smaller point she turns outward in the opposite direction leading the line now formed dancing behind her until the whole of it unrolls once again.

When we arrive again to our places, we shout, cheer joyfully and dance in our places then make merry together feasting on the exotic meals we each have brought to share that grace the tables before us.

Now these were urban ladies, some single working the corporate world, some married with children, husbands and often with jobs working the corporate world as well and a few of us were older, retired and seeking good energy and opportunities to develop our spirituality. These gatherings were validating for me at the time.

Then I moved on because there was an inner impulsion felt for my destiny still hidden deeper, and still out of sight to my conscious choices of life at that moment.

I have said when I was yet moving around even further north in California near Mount Shasta that I did not know how long it would take for the Universe to train me to live my true destiny.

It has taken even more years of learning, traveling, serving my people where I have been and now at an older age making a much more definitive Journey of the Lotus away from everything familiar to me to plunk myself in a even stranger tropical country with a goal of going still further, even across the Equator for the first time, to make myself a home in an entirely different place: all in the name of my destiny!

And it only looks like I am stuck here in Panama waiting still further learning, paying attention as closely as I may to what is going on around me, so that when the timing is correct, I will go forward.

From these remarks, you may surmise that even though I make all the choices, the timing is on a parallel spiral to this one and it is on me to await the touch point of these spirals to move onward.

It is said that the river does not need pushing!

I wrote to a friend on her birthday just a couple of days ago. She said she was glad to hear from me but all my writing told nothing of how I am doing in all this. I’m taking that today as a clue for all of you who might be wondering well, how is she doing?

I can thankfully feel that my heartmind has assimilated the lessons that I learned on the more harrowing parts of this trip especially through the tropic rain in Costa Rica and the negotiations that yielded for me something sufficient in funding to make it here and to even recover from my own foolish misunderstanding of how the borders work. And, with the kind offices of a new friend, I found El Valle de Anton in the mountains of Panama where I have been able to stop, regroup and now to settle myself for the next step.

I have found a place for my van to park while I cannot drive it anymore because of visa restrictions and insurance (the authorities use foreigners and others as income generating opportunities especially around vehicle regulations that it is on us, of course, to understand: impounding and fining is big time and expensive.) So, I am parked

Through these times of radical change from a northern dry climate to the tropics, the stress of travel driving a big van on strange, sometimes bad roads, the borders and the criminal behavior my naiveté has encountered, some long waits in place in Paso Canoas, Costa Rica especially, out and out midnight thievery by young fiends taught their craft by an even darker bandit, official and uniformed graft, and, and, well, all of it: amazingly my health is holding up quite well.

Even so I have lost about half my hair to the kidney stress but somehow my vanity is being saved by the organic shampoo and conditioner I brought with me that fluffs and thickens it so that piled on my head and clipped up there, it’s noticeable to me and only when I look in the mirror!

I have discovered a therapy that quite simply has surprisingly sparked my energy so that the task I have set for myself to gather the sacred circle of people who will assist to manifest Etrusca Ecuador Permaculture Plantation and Healing Temple can be gathered using the internet, my writing, a certain method that I have been learning and quite a lot of diligent work here every day.

The therapy involved putting a small ice pack on the point at the center of my neck where my skull meets the top of the spinal column for 20 minutes either first thing in the morning before breakfast or just before bed at night.

It is my habit and my long time way to equate my Pilgrim’s Progress on the path the world shows me with the larger, more inclusive quantum world, a personal sense of the spirit within, home of my self-identity. I found this quote today that very definitely sums it all up very neatly:

“We have reached a decisive point in human evolution, at which the only way forward is in the direction of a common passion ~ Either we must doubt the value of everything around us, or we must utterly believe in the possibility, and I would add, in the inevitable consequences of universal love.”  Teilhard de Chardin, Human energy

Love is our only reality. This is another way to express this universal truth. Taking this as a beacon and a direction for myself, I will make it.

I am very thankful to have been smart enough to have brought with me quite a lot of the elements I need to make my health.  I am getting better at getting exercise. I look for and eat as close to organic and natural that I can find here. I have successfully been able to sew for a small number of people to earn enough to make my frugal food budget. A few good people have shown up to be new friends. I have a reliable signal here to do the beginnings of an internet business to manifest the Ecuador project and I have an under shelter place to park my home on wheels. How sweet is that?

Thanks for your well wishes and all the good thoughts you send my way. Believe enough in yourself to KNOW that it all makes a difference first to you and then magnified 10 times in my direction. Love is our only reality. Best, Amraah