Happy Birthday

On My Birthday

On my birthday

Actually I have had only one birth-day. That was July 5, 1939 in Wells, British Columbia, a tiny gold mining town in the north central mountains of the province. It was a tiny hospital as well with 2 beds and, I’ve been told, an old German woman who was the only nurse. Whoever she was that woman saved my life.

Every other July 5th that has come around has been technically a  ‘re-birthday’, an anniversary of that first advent day.

I have now come upon the 76th re-birthday which means that today begins my 77th walk around the sun. I think it is interesting that we get to hitch a ride on a planet to make the trip in only 365 rotations of the earth on her axis. Neat trick!

The neatest trick is what we do with all that walking.

“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become.
Your vision is the promise of what shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.” – James Allen

“Let us dream a new dream together because the old one
is now a nightmare.” Hopi elders

So, my dear friends, I am here in Panama for my re-birthday this year. My hostess, Karyn, took me out to dinner at one of the local places where the food is quite good and the people charming. We sat before each other admiring our age and our agelessness and drank a beer while the tropical rain held off over the peaks of the local crater billowing deep, dark clouds laden with rain so heavy that is slid down the slopes to pile at the bottom as fog amid the rooftops.

Next morning I woke about 7:30 after the sun to begin the next tour of the solar system, the beginning of the magical metamorphosis of the alchemy of 77.

In order to understand a little bit of what this means to me: remember the final scene of the final movie of the Matrix series. After Neo has confronted the architect and announced his intention to finish off Agent Smith: Your program, Agent Smith, is out of control. I will kill him; he returns to the streets of the city to engage in this final battle. We watch the artful FX of the movie as Neo takes on the dark, mercurial nature of the program as one by one the duplicates of Agent Smith are deleted from the data base. There is sound and fury, there is pelting rain, raging wind and destruction all around the pit where the two are battling.

Next day in bright sunshine, we are in a park with the Oracle and the young girl to see the Architect as an urbane, elegant elder gentleman smiling as he strides across the beautiful green lawn. Everything is transformed into a tranquil peace.

The 77 is about the taking on of the dark to transform, to metamorphose it into light. As we are ‘light’ beings, we can at any time step up to our own internal darkness, our internal shadow nature and transform. When we have done this a few times to banish fear and anger, to banish bad habits, to banish the compromises we made at any time to our integrity, to our creativity, to our personal spiritual power we literally make clear and purify the light we are in our essence.

The quality of this endeavor is made by our knowledge and the intention we have to do the work. It is quite ordinary and it is also non-ordinary at the same time because it seems that some of us that are doing this hardly even notice ourselves and surely those around us in our world do not notice us either.

Maybe that is something about this blog: I do notice myself as much as I notice the world and the people around me and reporting it in a blog is my gift first to myself to articulate this and second to you, gentle reader, that you may look within as well as into the bathroom mirror and see what before you have not seen.

I have had the habit to get up and drink a lot of water often with a lime cut into four and just simply crunched on to create alkaline in my digestive tract. Then I take myself inside to the dining room table where I have my computer set up, and while my friend is laughing at YouTube in the back room, I am checking my mail and following through on other communications.

This first morning brought me to a short piece by a mature guy, an investment guru who writes poetry and a lot of other stuff, who is a judo wrestler and a multi millionaire. July 6th, 2015 he presented his plan for his days: how do these people accomplish so much? He told us everything in about 10 paragraphs.

Now I have never been really good at discipline like this so I was definitely riveted to the information and as I proceeded through the article, I made a beginning-of-a-solar-journey resolve to remedy my present circumstances by applying his method to myself.

Along with this direction, I have been listening to a webinar by Mike Dillard (he’s on You
Tube) that offers a method to create a real and thriving business on the internet.

Assimilating all of this input has created in me a focus to learn that it will take to go the next step in my life.

Fortunately I am blogging and you will have the benefit I make by writing about it. The website, RavensMedicine.com where you have been following my Journey of the Lotus will change now as the ideas of what I have been learning are applied.

The final piece in all of this conversation is about energy, physical energy to be precise. Along my internet traveling, I came across an interesting therapy and according to my usual willingness to experiment on myself, I tried it.

It involves the point at the back of the head just where the base of the skull meets the neck. The point is called Fengfu. The therapy involves making an ice pack in a damp cloth to place it for 20 minutes on the point either first thing in the morning before breakfast and just before bed at night; I chose the evening.

A nice meditation to say the least.

Seems that the cold would be uncomfortable: not so. After a short while it feels even ‘warm’. And for me the results: an energy spike, deeper sleep, stronger digestion. I feel better and I am able to concentrate longer on the projects I have at my hand to create my next steps: making enough cash to live and re-creating my web-site and indeed, my whole life to fulfill the project in Ecuador that I feel is my destiny path.

‘They say it’s your birthday, we’re going to have a good time’                               Beatles…on and on forever!

Love and Blessings, Amraah