Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador

Etrusca Ecuador Permaculture Plantation and Healing Temple

June 5, 2015

BLOG: Etrusca Ecuador Permaculture Plantation and Healing Temple

Dear Friends,

It’s time to get serious. Near the beginning of my Journey, I wrote a piece: This is not a Travelogue. I came away in December from the United States driving my red Ford van carrying my household with me, carrying what I would need to re-locate and live in a new country and to build a new life not only for myself but for a village of many people participating in a growing and healing community (come unity) open to the world, serving to remediate the land and restore the forests everywhere.

It is the vision that has inspired my research for nearly 5 years and it is what drives me now, even though it has been necessary to stop here in Panama partly to wait for the ferry to Cartagena, Colombia to resume sometime in the fall and partly because I have mostly used all my funding.

The van was also an inspired choice because as I am here in this small, quite unique town in the old volcanic mountains of Panama, I can live in it while giving a small sum to the Bodhi hostel for a daily shower and internet facilitating my world communication.

Life, if seems, continues to be a mix of fortune and challenge. My funds are finite and I have none of the usual options here for income.

I began with part of the story to inspire all of you who have read the blog to search within yourselves and to check around in your circle for people who are willing to become either skill based or financial participants in this Ecuador dream.

The vision is a viable project: the plantation is the financial base, the village of all our people is the labor base, the healing temple is our gift of wellness and good health to the world and the hostel can house our guests and fellow participants in a new life.

Are you inspired as I was renewed in my inspiration in May, 2013 when I was writing to a friend in Stuart Wilde’s network. Stuart had this vision but he passed his body before being able to do anything. When I was writing, my hands stroked out

Etrusca Ecuador Permaculture Plantation and Healing Temple.

Later, when I checked the numerology it showed me a harmonious, generating combination. Seems I am right on time!

There are methods in the world of biodynamic agriculture that can regenerate the land and the rain forests. It is not one person nor is it only my idea. I wish to live and I wish to share a life with as many as show up to work, to live, to celebrate and play together in a creative endeavor. Nor is the vision only mine, Stuart Wilde had the vision and there are others whom we do not know yet who already have some parts of this vision within them.

Vision is critical for without creative inspiration to lift our heartful efforts, we become mired in a chase for money. Money is needed to buy land, do the building to house people, to operate the plantation and the healing center but properly, it is a tool of a much larger ideal.

When two or three are gathered together, there I am. When we gather together in a sacred circle of power, all the needed resources rise out of the empty space in the center of our circle.

Are you inspired yet? Who do you know? How do you wish to participate?

If there is any one thing I have learned on this Journey, it is never to give up on myself. I began with a few stars in my eyes. I thought I had plenty of cash to get me where I was going. The Journey showed me how to cope with various kinds of criminal activity along the way, robbery by bribe on the road by transit officials, robbery in the parking lots by young fiends, and scandalous border charges by less than wholesome officials at several borders in Central America. It is possible to learn from both beauty and ugliness: I hold no rancor either for the losses I suffered or for the people who made very bad choices to perpetrate the ugliness.

The Journey also brought to me powerful and quite unlikely allies who smoothed my way making safety and direction out of my path. I made it this far with my good humor and my soul intact! I have to think that is a blessing.

None of us is an island but it is easy to lose sight of that fundamental when we must every day rise in the early morning and go to work. Just making it in the world is expensive for our health, for our inner sensibilities and for the certain knowledge that we are, in fact, spiritual beings having an often arduous human existence.

But I cannot even now, facing my ultimate survival, give up on myself. I am more than half way and I cannot go back. The vision is brighter and so I am opening up this conversation with all of you that you will support yourselves to give something back to the world.

I promise you my whole hearted participation. I promise you my good Word and my very best effort. I do not know what it will take out of me so each day I write something, I feed myself fresh, organic wholesome foods to build strength and wisdom into my bones. And I smile a lot and laugh with the many beautiful young people here at the hostel. Imagine that our readership has become global!

Are you inspired yet? Who do you know? You already know what you can do.

Welcome to our own
Etrusca Ecuador Permaculture Plantation and Healing Temple.
We are the world and we are the children.
So let’s work together to have
the better day and the Peace we seek.


Love and Blessings, Amraah