Ciudad de David, Panamá

Moving on from crisis

April 19, 2015

BLOG: moving on from crisis

There are moments in every life that it becomes necessary to simply end the story, end the circumstances, leave behind the mess and move on. After three and a half weeks in Paso Canoas doing okay thank you in a safe place to park in a bus nest next to a hotel, using time to get more fit, making it but still waiting for a packet to be mailed from the United States with money in it that did not come, I woke up on tax day in the US with the idea that it was time to shift gears and move on.

It takes something because the resources in the packet were important but even without them, I was not again in a stall.

I was motivated even more because my ally, friend and a definite Princely person, Danny Thomas, showed up early in the morning to take me to breakfast. Some people just have a way with mornings and I am beginning to get a little tropical before 6 am.

Seems Daniel was intent on making sure that the old lady found a place to do the next step. He knew what was going on because there were email messages between us from the day we met nearly two weeks into this gig. It has been a rare thing in my life that anyone I had known held the intention to assist me and so, over breakfast, it was quite a relief to make some new plans.

It has become my view of life that it is best to take it as it comes. It is best to let whatever shows up to be just what it is and not what I was thinking or hoping for or what I had planned. Life is what happens when we are busy… well, you know the phrase.

It does take courage (remember the idea of a ‘rage of the heart) ad, yup, the heart part is likely the most important.

Bert Laur made a great cowardly lion who finally got his heart…well you do remember all that just as well as I do. It’s not always just a story!

The thief will never have the chance he made for me to move on and be courageous!

My funny, rather literate mind also remembered a line from Shakespere’s Julius Caesar: ‘There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.

Well as soon as I crossed the border to Panama with the help of young Nicolas, there was one of those horrendous tropical downpours flooding the culverts along the highway.

So first the flood, and now, the fortune cannot be far behind!

The plan was that I should meet Danny in David about an hour down the road, (the Latins measure distance from here to there by the time it takes to drive!) Danny had given me sufficient cash to get through the border crossing and down the road but the gas that I had been husbanding for those 3 weeks soon became at issue. I counted the cash and handed the guy the debit card. Imagine that it worked without a hesitation. Well, thank you for that. Onward.

Costa Rica to Panama: Nicholas about $20, leave Costa Rica $7.00, Panama insurance $15.30 and the immigration simply did not ask anything about my ability to travel.

On I went to David to an interesting 24 hours bigger than big grocery store. I was able to buy fresh food and a new book to blog out of and I sat waiting for Daniel to show up making a meal and cracking the book to write new energy. What you read is something of what I was writing on that day.

It was the day of my liberation and a new found ability to simply make it anyway by accepting the conditions that exist. I believe I crossed a big line in my life and there is something right now that tells me that I will make it.

Whatever it is about the Great Universal Plan, here I am and it is now.

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Love and Blessings, Amraah