Leaving El Salvador, the next step

March 3, 2015

Leaving El Salvador, the Next step

A Journey happens on many levels. Likely the first step at the very beginning was the decision to do the trip in the first place.  I was told once that as soon as a decision is made, the brain responds immediately with its specific chemicals to support that decision.

Seems there is quite a lot to note that we are spirits inhabiting our bodies,

So today in El Salvador (the Savior), there was yet another step to be taken on this Journey of the Lotus. As George and I have been surveying my household goods, his counsel about border crossings was to organize everything properly and then categorize it into a proper list to minimize the need to inspect in the first place. To that end, yesterday, we visited the local ferreteria, the Iron Man location to have some welding done on the inside of the van.

After a quick trip up the highway to Cara Soucia, we hove into the side street where Chola has his place. He and his helper were hanging out waiting for us with their favorite El Salvadorean peanuts/grain ice beverage that is sucked with a straw out of a small plastic bag

As I suspected, the Iron Man’s skill and expertise checked out the van quite quickly to determine just how we might have a pair of hooks to hang a hammock especially for the trip where George might sleep.

Chola saw that the very sturdy ring where the passenger side seat belt hung was perfect, all that was needed was to cut off the seat belt itself, and place a large hook on the ring that remained. It was the perfect solution because that hook can take a lot of pull.

Next was to determine where in the opposite corner at the rear of the van would be the best place to hang the second hook. Chola found the perfect place after George took down the panels: he simply hung a strong chain and a hook around one of the already welded upright parts of the frame. Done!

It showed up that to hang most of my clothing on a rack in the rear would be a very good solution to two of our obstacles: I could get to it much more easily and the cloth protector might easily be lifted to enable a visual inspection by border people.

After George took off the side panels, Chola made two small bars, screwed them into the frame of the uprights on either side and then, with the welding torch, set a piece of rebar in place across the back and sprayed it with bright gold. I now have some golden bars! Done!

Chola donated his time and the small amount of iron used and we paid his helper: $3.

George has already told me that in 7 years of his work at the border, never before has anyone come through with their household. I am, it seems, a new phenomenon!

Here I am with everything I might need to begin a new life in a new country here with me in my van. Even though there is quite a lot of it, none of it is ‘merchandize’ according to the official description. And I do not either fit the description of a tourist: two people and two suitcases.

So our friend made us a neat solution for the next border crossings. Tomorrow the panels will be replaced and we will take apart the bed, fill the rack with the clothing stashed underneath and begin the organization of the rest of it.

We are at the ‘almost’ place once again in the van pack and it looks pretty good.

There has been an ongoing challenge in the engine of the big Red Bear: it hesitates as though there is not enough gas coming through from time to time.

George also knew the right person for this job. Next morning bright and early, a young man nicknamed Midget showed up to test drive the van and to service the fuel injection system. Imagine he will use the best part of a day cleaning each injector, changing out any other related parts and hoses and set them back in order: $75.00.

Two good things about this: the man’s close to 20 years experience (he has been working with his father since he was about 4) and George’s knowledge of his local people. By working with these familiar people right here to take care of our preventative maintenance will surely beat out any kind of situation somewhere in unfamiliar territory. The other perk is that we can support and nurture our next door family which is always a very good thing.

Could this be an idea whose time is come?

What remains is the social stuff: there is a lovely man who is a serious singer. He wishes to come to sing for me. I say why not have him sing for all of us here.

And the family has become a most precious part of my life as I am a most precious part of theirs. And so, in the next few days as the full moon passes, we will find some joyful and charming way to celebrate ourselves on our way forward to Panama and to Ecuador.

The vision for Etrusca Ecuador Permaculture Plantation and Healing Temple is alive and growing with the people who come to participate in it. Right here and right now, the work is happening and all of us doing our day to day thing are already part of it. How cool is that?

I am inviting you to participate. You are most welcome to email me at LotusWFive@gmail.com, my personal mail, to count yourself in to this very big game. I believe that we are all ready for some creative solutions in our lives. This might be one of the reasons to take myself to Ecuador where I believe there may be found people who wish to be well, who wish to have their families well, who wish their land to be made well and who also pray for the well being of their nation.

Could this be another one of those ideas whose time is come?

It means enough to me to defy the odds and take myself on this journey. I means enough to me to write my word into the cyber world for you to read. I am hoping you will be inspired. Let me know. I promise you I will respond. Please have a fine day! Love and Blessings, Amraah

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