I can truly understand only my own path. No one is living their life because of me, either for me or against me.

Social Self Defense

The social hug can sometimes be an opportunity for the vampires in our midst. It takes perception and finesse to avoid them without fracturing the social edifice.

My sensors are awake to a deep perception of all people for each of them teaches me their special human lesson. Some lessons I wish I did not have to learn but I do because it means making my way safely through field of land mines called society.

I can truly understand only my own path. No one is living their life because of me, either for me or against me.

Many many people, however, are both unaware of the true nature of our reality or of the necessity to protect and nurture the light of their soul. It is necessary to consciously claim your soul. It is not a given.

I know I am the only one responsible for myself. It is on me to resolve all facets of the Jewel of my Being (a good teacher calls it a spiritual logo) in order to properly matriculate from incarnation in the physical world. Right now is my best opportunity! When else might I be waiting for?

Some great stories are available that make music and literature of the choice to choose a soul rather than the prizes offered in the game of life.

Lucifer says, “Hey, I will give you anything you want, all you have to do is worship me forever!”

When I was first faced with that choice at a very young age, there never really was a choice. It was pretty simple: no deal! Whatever you think you must do, go ahead. My soul is mine. It’s not negotiable.”

It’s still not negotiable.

The social scene is Lucifer’s party. There’s a lot going on called ‘behavior’. It both helps the fun when it’s fun and hinders the fun when people are busy making points or jockeying for status. I am simply not needed in those environments: I walk away. What is the point?

I love them, they deserve love and I must also conduct myself properly to mitigate being overwhelmed. Its psychic self defense: no  blame, no shame attached. It is critical to unconditionally respect their evolution while making a boundary of safety around myself. I am free to avoid being vampired without anger, fear, blame or condemnation.

Ultimately I must assess my need to put myself in certain situations. Is this trip necessary? If it is, I protect myself and if it is not, I leave the scene to the ones who find themselves needing to be there. What are they learning?

There are some questions to which there is no answer!

Thank you very much for your continued attention to my particular philosophical soup. This is what I have learned to make head and tales! of the journey through life. I hope it can make a difference to you.

Much Love, Amraah