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  • Understanding Money: There Are Two Ways to Interpret the Rules of the Game.

    Grandpa's Korean currency

    In my last article about money you noticed I stated that we don’t need the banks. We need currency, a measure of value but we do not need the bank. This is a radical idea and one that needs our scrutiny. Banks are so everywhere that we do not really notice there might be life, […]

  • Understanding money: Pay Yourself First

    Une monnaie en argent, un gros compagnon ou gros au lion, de Louis II de Mâle (1346-1384), comte de Flandre, de Nevers et de Rethel, non datée mais émise entre 1346 et 1364.

    Beginning in the 1700’s, the first Big Daddy of money was Mayer Amchel Rothschild: his famous remark you will relate to: Let me control the money, I care not who makes the laws.  Then, just before she died at an age well over 90, his wife who produced 5 daughters and the 5 sons who […]

  • And what is this “Ravens’ medicine” anyway?

    Chihuahian Raven

    So, what might it all be about, I ask myself allowing a quiet mind to gather the message and the meaning of it all. And what is this “Ravens’ medicine” anyway? There’s a story about how it all began. Well, you knew there is a story, did you not? After this distance, you are certain there […]

  • To Influence the World, We must Think Different.

    “I am, I can, I shall, I will, I will not, I might, I create”

    If there might be any one thing that this blog is about it is about thinking different. We can remember Steve Jobs: he invented Apple computers. One of very few television programs I saw was a sort of documentary about Steve and Apple and about his famous slogan: Think Different. One of his senior people […]

  • In the Valley of the Blind, the one-eyed One is King

    Vincent Van Gogh, Starry Night

    In 1957 at 17, I saw only blind people wearing masks pretending they could see it all. At 18, I learned I had one eye. I could see the colors of the spirits of the trees, the flowing wave energy of animals and humans, sometimes even their colors. I heard a clear, sweet voice in […]


    Neither be cynical about love, for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment, it is as perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.

    Go placidly amid the noise and the haste and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender be on good terms with all persons.  Speak your truth quietly and clearly and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they, too, have their story.  Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations […]

  • Social Self Defense

    I can truly understand only my own path. No one is living their life because of me, either for me or against me.

    The social hug can sometimes be an opportunity for the vampires in our midst. It takes perception and finesse to avoid them without fracturing the social edifice. My sensors are awake to a deep perception of all people for each of them teaches me their special human lesson. Some lessons I wish I did not […]

  • How do we learn what we learn: Ignorance is not bliss!

    Ignorance is bliss, or rather instead ignorance is NOT bliss...

    I’m not sure I can remember when I first heard “Ignorance is not bliss”. It is certain that it is as true today as it was that long ago when. Turns out I can blog here about some of the different changes that have come to me again and yet again. When I was thirty […]

  • GRANDMOTHER: Who is she anyway?

    Vancouver City

    My next birthday is only 78. It could easily be said that I might be sitting in the sun in some tropic clime sipping a little lemon and mineral water. But that is not my present reality. I am in Vancouver in Canada. It’s a world class city with all the perks and all the […]

  • Renewal, April, 2017 Home Again, Home Again

    Amraah at the Architectural Vancouver Library

    Every day is the first day: welcome to a whole ‘nother world! Little did I know that it would take me this distance not only in the time it has taken to get here but also in the miles that I have traversed since a day in midsummer in El Valle de Anton, Panama when […]

  • The Last Post

    Dear Friends, Compadres, Cohorts, Companions, all Pilgrims on the Path, Warrior Sisters; One and All. This is the Last Post!

    Dear Friends, Compadres, Cohorts, Companions, all Pilgrims on the Path, Warrior Sisters; One and All This is the Last Post. I do not now know today what the outcome is to be but what must be is that I pull back and allow what will be.  My life is fast approaching its final days. The […]

  • Raising my sights, raising myself to manifest the Ecuador project

    I get to laugh again quite heartily about how truly fabulous the Great Universe is for us. All I need to do is do it.

    July 20 , 2015 Raising my sights, raising myself to manifest the Ecuador project. These have been times of crisis and I acknowledge that I have, for a while at least, made myself their victim. Sure, it is possible for me to talk myself into it because that day in the sheeting rain in Costa […]

  • Day to Day on the Road

    Day to Day on the Road. Willy Nelson has a famous song. It was a wonderful liberation to be on the road again.

    Day to Day on the Road Willy Nelson has a famous song. It was a wonderful liberation to be on the road again. And then it was Mexico for more than 3000 miles; onward through Central America, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and now Panama on the Pan-American Highway another over 1000 miles: […]

  • Watch and listen for the synchronicity

    Those who believe only in the material world call it coincidence: Serendipity Roses

    July 15, 2015 Watch and listen for the synchronicity Those who believe only in the material world call it coincidence: things that happen together: co – together and incidents – happenings, events, etc. It’s also been called serendipity, a word coined by Horace Walpole in 1754 after reading an Arabic fairy tale about the Three […]

  • Unremarkable persons in quite ordinary lives

    Meditating with the Sun

    July 15, 2015 Unremarkable persons in quite ordinary lives What does it take for unremarkable persons in quite ordinary lives to find our true calling, to join with our soul companions and to meet our destiny? In days past, I attended goddess ceremonials originally sponsored by Starhawk in the San Francisco Bay area of northern […]

  • On My Birthday

    Happy Birthday

    On my birthday Actually I have had only one birth-day. That was July 5, 1939 in Wells, British Columbia, a tiny gold mining town in the north central mountains of the province. It was a tiny hospital as well with 2 beds and, I’ve been told, an old German woman who was the only nurse. […]

  • An Observation of Latin Culture

    View of Panama City

    June 22, 2015 An Observation of Latin Culture One of the purposes of the drive through Mexico and now in Central America on my way to South America is to immerse myself in the Latin culture. By this I really mean that it was not about taking the drive to visit the piles of rocks […]

  • Crossroads on the Road Less Traveled

    Crossroads on the Road Less Traveled, Move Towards Freedom

    May 16, 2015 Crossroads on the Road Less Traveled The main highways everywhere I have ever been have, all of them, green signs with white lettering and numbers proclaiming the directions and the next landmark on the way. In cities and towns across North America, there are, signs at the corners of the streets as […]

  • The dichotomy: Main Street evening parade, lively and solemn

    Panamanian Golden Frog, Atelopus Zeteki

    May 12, 2015 The dichotomy: Main Street evening parade, lively and solemn First thing I noticed was the Policia in their black and white car, blinking red on the top, leading a parade of many people, some carrying luminaria, handmade paper lanterns on tall sticks extended above their heads. The drums were in the distance with a […]

  • Memory Foam

    memory foam

    May 1, 2015 Memory Foam Have we all heard about memory foam? I bought a piece for my bed in the van and I am not so sure with all the lumpy stuff that I have underneath that it does much good. Well, maybe this piece will do something a little better. On my travels, it […]

  • Daring and resourceful camo-drest driver of a van!

    Fractal Sea Horse Mandelbrot Set

    April  30, 2015 Daring and resourceful camo-drest driver of a van! I have a general ploy that I have used many times to simply save my ass. “Even this must be funny,” is where I am most likely to go. It’s a personal tribute to a master comedian, Jules White, who used to say,  ”It’s all […]

  • Etrusca Ecuador Permaculture Plantation and Healing Temple

    Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador

    June 5, 2015 BLOG: Etrusca Ecuador Permaculture Plantation and Healing Temple Dear Friends, It’s time to get serious. Near the beginning of my Journey, I wrote a piece: This is not a Travelogue. I came away in December from the United States driving my red Ford van carrying my household with me, carrying what I […]

  • Tropical pret a porter

    El Nespiro Zoo in El Valle, Panama

    April 28, 2015 BLOG: Tropical prêt a porter In our Euro-American world of fashion, we look at the top which might be the Italians, then the French and we look at the bottom, K-Mart, Marshals and T.J.Max. There are some few who regularly attend the Paris atelier to buy their clothes. The New York houses […]

  • Raven’s Medicine: Making a Successful Life

    Surroundings of El Valle, Panama

    April 28, 2015 Raven’s Medicine: Making a Successful Life There are many ways to have what may be called a successful life. The materialist says: money is the measure. I just saw a list of 50 people who possess 50% of the world’s wealth. The usual question asked is, “but, are they happy?”  For some […]

  • Life in the Bodhi Hostel, El Valle, Panama

    El Valle, Panamá

    April 25, 2015 BLOG: Life in the Bodhi Hostel, El Valle, Panama El Valle is a small town. From what I hear from Diana the real estate agent whose office is next door, the town is mostly native Panamanian peoples, some with old time, quite large homes here and a smaller group of white folk […]

  • Kids on Parade for Peace and Justice

    Catedral David Panamá

    April 25, 2015 BLOG: Kids on Parade for Peace and Justice Since I found a parking place to actually stop the van for more than 24 hours, I have been cleaning up and drying it all out. With that in mind, I had Brad here at the hostel take down the spare tire and loosen […]

  • Moving on from crisis

    Ciudad de David, Panamá

    April 19, 2015 BLOG: moving on from crisis There are moments in every life that it becomes necessary to simply end the story, end the circumstances, leave behind the mess and move on. After three and a half weeks in Paso Canoas doing okay thank you in a safe place to park in a bus […]

  • What is Lotus?

    It repeats forever within an enormous fractal code which turns up as our world, our physical universe as far as it goes.

    April 13, 2015 What is Lotus? When you were doodling around with an ordinary compass as a kid, you probably drew a circle with it and then, shortening the radius of the compass a little, you set the point on the circumference of the circle and drew an arc from the 2 other points on […]

  • Making Your Own Medicine: a new definition and a new way

    Utes chief Severo and family, 1899

    April 11, 2015 Making Your Own Medicine: a new definition and a new way The First Nations, Native American peoples lived on Turtle Island (their name for North America) many millennia before any of the White Lodge peoples came. Theirs is a very mature society. Understand that what we think we know about any of […]

  • Raven’s Medicine

    Raven is powerful

    April 10, 2015 Raven’s Medicine Some of you who come to this site which we call Raven’s Medicine might wonder what it’s all about and so, after about 4 months of our progression called Journey of the Lotus, I decided today to talk a little about this. For the average kind of white folk, those […]

  • The Mornings and the Evenings

    Road to Paso Canoas, Costa Rica

    April 6, 2015 The Mornings and the Evenings Each day of a Journey takes on its own character. I believe every day is like this but the embarking on a specific trip has a way of focusing my attention when I might not have been doing that at other times. Waiting for a certain time […]

  • Work Ethic

    Indigenous Salvadoran woman from Panchimalco

    March 4, 2015 Work Ethic When I was quite a young woman working for my daily bread in a warehouse business that sold lighting, fixtures, cable and assorted equipment for illumination there came a day of intense transformation for me. There was a brilliant 5 minutes of the time I was there when several quite […]

  • Leaving El Salvador, the next step

    Fiestas Patrias en El Salvador

    March 3, 2015 Leaving El Salvador, the Next step A Journey happens on many levels. Likely the first step at the very beginning was the decision to do the trip in the first place.  I was told once that as soon as a decision is made, the brain responds immediately with its specific chemicals to […]

  • Elections in El Salvador; the Will of the People

    Nuevo Gualcho, El Salvador

    March 2, 2015 Elections in El Salvador; the Will of the People There is, no doubt, that the American media has reported that there were elections held in El Salvador yesterday, Sunday, March 1. The polls here in Puente Arce were closed early because two women were fighting! The rest of the family went early […]

  • Participation, the Short Version

    the balance of participation

    Part One: Pay yourself First My personal story begins in 1979 when I attended a ‘Prosperity Seminar” given by John Roger. His teaching was simple: Pay yourself first by tithing (10%) to the God Force living within you/me. Separate 10%, 10 cents of every dollar, one dollar of every 10; 10 dollars of every one […]

  • Puente Arce, El Salvador: typical and untypical town

    Puente Arce, pueblo en la frontera de El Salvador con Guatemala

    February 25,2015 Blog: Puente Arce, El Salvador: typical and untypical town Puente Arce is a border town between El Salvador and Guatemala: in this it is untypical. The main street is always crowded with big trucks coming and going. There are local buses that go to Cara Sucia and onward both south to San Salvador and […]

  • Ready, Set, Almost a Go

    Mirador en Nuevo Gualcho, El Salvador

    FEBRUARY 24, 2015 BLOG: Ready, Set, Almost a Go I do not think I will envy the tourists who take themselves on exotic cruises on those enormous ships. It might be great for some to have a printed menu in their hands before they leave the safety of their own back yard. It may be […]

  • Fisher Folk, the beach in El Salvador

    El Salvador fishermen

    February 21, 2015 BLOG: Fisher Folk, the beach in El Salvador I have some fantasies that come along with becoming a ‘divine older woman’, one of them is that, even though I am always willing to drive wherever I wish to go, having someone else drive is wonderful. I get to go where I would […]

  • A Short Prayer

    Planet Earth is a Sacred Site

    Dear Friends, This short prayer came upon me a few days ago when I was cruising the internet and it felt to me quite like the same message that many of us deeply feel. I have included it here because it just fits. Much Love and Blessings, to you, one and All One.

  • Love is our only Reality: the Practice of Human Life

    Las torecillas de Bolivar, La Union, El Salvador

    February 14, 2015 BLOG: Love is our only Reality: the Practice of Human Life Dear friends, as you might have discerned by now, I have been at a stall at the border in El Salvador for over two weeks. I have been most fortunate to find a home here while I wait for money stuff […]

  • Living fences

    sugar cane ready to harvest

    February 20, 2015 BLOG: Living fences There was quite a lot of pure bliss on the drive through Mexico before I came upon the human realities of border crossings. The more tropical the weather and the land, the more I noticed and recognized the crops that grow in these humid and warm climates. The first […]

  • Mountain Bones

    Mountain Range in Salcoatitlan, El Salvador

    February 20, 2015 BLOG: Mountain Bones Dear friends, part of my plan with this blog of my ‘Journey of the Lotus’ is to tune you into some parts of the travel adventure that might not commonly be noted. Forget the cities built of piles of stones and cement, girders and flag poles, the icons and […]

  • El Salvador Mercado

    San Salvador Central Market

    February 22, 2015 El Salvador Mercado My stay here in El Salvador is accomplishing one of my purposes for this Journey of the Lotus: cultural immersion. Here in this family there is an ice chest that is supplied with ice only once in a while. This means, of course, that the getting of fresh food […]

  • Arboles Magic: Tree Magic

    Trees in Sierra Chincua, Michoacan, Mexico

    February 12, 2015 BLOG: Arboles Magic: Tree Magic There was some time ago that I began to understand our human relationship with the plant kingdom. In my 30’s near the beginning of my training, a sweet older woman sat with me to talk about the kingdoms of nature. At the time, it was all a […]

  • Journey of the lotus: All the Fine Princes

    geographical location of Tapachula, Mexico

    February 9, 2015 Journey of the lotus: All the Fine Princes In any kind of journey, people are all important. Even if I am rowing myself solo across the Atlantic, there is some one other person or persons to whom I am related, to whom I wish to return and who I would wish to […]

  • West Coast Mexico, Redux: the Final Miles

    Amraah in Mexico's West Coast

    February 10, 2015 West Coast Mexico: Redux.: the Final Miles It was an eye opener when I first checked out the map of Mexico, taking note that the distance from Tijuana to Acapulco was 2000 miles! After the wild trip through the teeming centro of this truly quite fabulous metropolis, and the liberation I experienced […]

  • No Tire Basura: There Is No ‘Away.’

    No Tire Basura: There is No ‘Away.’

    February 9, 2015 No Tire Basura: There is No ‘Away.’ It is a tribute to Julia Butterfly Hill to remind ourselves that the trash simply does not go away. As I am driving the libre roads of Mexico on my journey so far I see plastic garbage littered nearly everywhere. Most people simply ignore it […]

  • West Coast Mexico: Redux: Manzanillo

    Playa Manzanillo, Michoacán, México

    February 5, 2015 West Coast Mexico: Redux: Manzanillo In this zone of the west coast of Mexico, the cities look a little like American centers especially that there are Walmarts. There is a difference here, however, in the tropics: the parking lots are covered with tent-like roofs and there are bevies of older guys, in […]

  • West Coast Mexico; Redux: Playa Azul

    geographical location of Plaza Azul, Michoacán, México

    February 5, 2015 West Coast Mexico; Redux: Playa Azul If you believe that you need some tuning up in the realm of patience, I can recommend a road trip down the west coast of Mexico to assure an outcome that you will become either a mountain of patience or utterly frazzled and burnt out, a […]

  • Puente Arce, El Salvador: Philosophe

    Puente Arce, El Salvador: Philosophe

    February 6, 2015 Puente Arce, El Salvador: Philosophe I was taken down again to the river today: Arce flows here between the borders of Guatemala and El Salvador. As I shifted myself into the cooling waters flowing quite swiftly over the stones in the river, I became entranced by the whole of the view I […]

  • If I Had a Hammer: Swim in Arce River

    Swimming in the River

    El Salvador,  January 30, 2015 If I Had a Hammer: Swim in Arce River The first night in the village allowed me to truly relax and sleep peacefully for the first time in nearly 2 weeks. I do rest well even in the remote places that I find free parking along the way, but in […]

  • Making the Impossible Happen: It takes Angels

    Ahuachapan, El Salvador

    BLOG: El Salvador, January 30, 2015 Making the Impossible Happen: It takes Angels. There will be entries that in time come before this one, but today I am writing to you from a wonderful alley home in Puente Arce in El Salvador right at the border with Guatemala. As I arrived at this border two […]

  • Playa Azul. Michoacán

    Playa Azul, Michoacán, México

    January 18, 2015. Playa Azul. Michoacán The Tao of the Broom and the Mop Just about wherever I am going doing those ordinary needful things that are an auto trip, gas and bathroom, specifically; I encounter the holy people wielding brooms and mops. They are in the Pemex lots where they sweep across the pavements […]

  • Beetles are Forever: VW’s are in Mexico!

    Volkswagen Beetles in Mexico

    Beetles are Forever: VW’s are in Mexico! Well, you were thinking that because of all the smog rules, and the traffic rules and all the other rules (some of which you are not even aware of rules) that the Volkswagen Beetle had about disappeared from the scene. Except, maybe, in some collector’s garage. Think again. […]

  • This is not exactly a travelogue

    Amraah Guaymas

    January 2, 2015 Guaymas, Mexico This is not exactly a travelogue A while ago I looked up on one of those interesting internet sites that feature synonyms to discover what other words there are besides journey to describe this precedent setting trip to Ecuador. The first obvious one is ‘hegira’ which is actually rather religious […]

  • It’s Always Best to take Good Advice: Making it to Guaymas

    Guaymas Sonora México

    December 31, 2014 It’s Always Best to take Good Advice: Making it to Guaymas The route takes me onward: Sonoyta, Santa Ana, Hermosillo and finally today, the last day of 2014, to Guaymas, even further south in Mexico, from the dry desert to the humid air of the Gulf. I pace myself each day because […]

  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull

    Amraah Bouganvilleas

    I had not seen much of Jonathan for quite some time since I left the coastal regions of Washington State about 2001. Raven favors the desert uplands where she scavenges for carrion doing her kind of clean up eating also berries and seeds from the Joshua tree and pinyon pines. Family member, Jay inhabits the […]

  • Dateline: Pemex, Mexico #2

    Amraah at a PEMEX Gas Station in Mexico

    Older ladies, and probably gentlemen as well, are awake in the night. Sometimes I am awake for a couple hours, sometimes meditating, in the old time in the coach, I might be working on the computer or sewing. It is a sweet time, quiet and undisturbed because most of the rest of the world in […]

  • Dateline: Pemex, Mexico

    PEMEX Gas Station in Mexico

    The gas company in Mexico is called Pemex. Everywhere in Mexico you will find Pemex and gas is the same price wherever you go. I thought that to be a really great idea. As a van-gabond, gas stations can be terrific places to stop to park, use their bathrooms which are usually decently clean, get […]

  • An End Run: The Final Days

    The value of friendship cannot be under estimated. Two of the very best showed up on the last Saturday in November to put in a big day loading everything that had been in the coach to stuff the van floor to ceiling and right to the doors. I drove out of the driveway of that […]

  • At last making it to Mexico

    USA agents patrol the Mexico border

    It is somewhat of a shock to be in Mexico after the United States with its rather orderly streets and buildings, signs and signal lights, its overall standard of living. Mexicali is chaos after all of this. The streets are narrow without lines anywhere. The stop signs are the same shape, red and they say, […]

  • Journey of the Lotus: Chapter One

    Amraah Raven's Medicine Philosophy and Aventure

    Are you wondering how this all begins? I mean the idea of an exit strategy might not be the first thing on your mind today. What I am discovering is that my own idea of an exit strategy began quite some time ago: the late summer of 2011. At that time I was completing an […]

  • Why is a Raven like a writing desk?

    I have always believed that Lewis Carroll was on to something! My heartfelt greetings to you; thank you so very much for hanging out with me over all this considerable time. There have been, for each of us; surely all of us, a lot of changes since sometime in 2014 when RavensMedicine first appeared. As […]

  • The issue is invective, vitriol and other kinds of bad attitude.

    Tangara Vitriolina

    The stuff is everywhere in our world and so are the people who perpetrate it. It is not difficult to call forth from any stranger on the streets some kind of anger,  road rage, or a torrent of shouted words laden with the verbal filth of our times. Since it seems to be so prevalent, […]