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Understanding Money: There Are Two Ways to Interpret the Rules of the Game.

In my last article about money you noticed I stated that we don’t need the banks. We need currency, a measure of value but we do not need the bank. This is a radical idea and one that needs our scrutiny. Banks are so everywhere that we do not really notice there might be life, […]

Understanding money: Pay Yourself First

Beginning in the 1700’s, the first Big Daddy of money was Mayer Amchel Rothschild: his famous remark you will relate to: Let me control the money, I care not who makes the laws.  Then, just before she died at an age well over 90, his wife who produced 5 daughters and the 5 sons who […]

And what is this “Ravens’ medicine” anyway?

So, what might it all be about, I ask myself allowing a quiet mind to gather the message and the meaning of it all. And what is this “Ravens’ medicine” anyway? There’s a story about how it all began. Well, you knew there is a story, did you not? After this distance, you are certain there […]

To Influence the World, We must Think Different.

If there might be any one thing that this blog is about it is about thinking different. We can remember Steve Jobs: he invented Apple computers. One of very few television programs I saw was a sort of documentary about Steve and Apple and about his famous slogan: Think Different. One of his senior people […]

In the Valley of the Blind, the one-eyed One is King

In 1957 at 17, I saw only blind people wearing masks pretending they could see it all. At 18, I learned I had one eye. I could see the colors of the spirits of the trees, the flowing wave energy of animals and humans, sometimes even their colors. I heard a clear, sweet voice in […]


Go placidly amid the noise and the haste and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender be on good terms with all persons.  Speak your truth quietly and clearly and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they, too, have their story.  Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations […]

Social Self Defense

The social hug can sometimes be an opportunity for the vampires in our midst. It takes perception and finesse to avoid them without fracturing the social edifice. My sensors are awake to a deep perception of all people for each of them teaches me their special human lesson. Some lessons I wish I did not […]

How do we learn what we learn: Ignorance is not bliss!

I’m not sure I can remember when I first heard “Ignorance is not bliss”. It is certain that it is as true today as it was that long ago when. Turns out I can blog here about some of the different changes that have come to me again and yet again. When I was thirty […]

GRANDMOTHER: Who is she anyway?

My next birthday is only 78. It could easily be said that I might be sitting in the sun in some tropic clime sipping a little lemon and mineral water. But that is not my present reality. I am in Vancouver in Canada. It’s a world class city with all the perks and all the […]

Renewal, April, 2017 Home Again, Home Again

Every day is the first day: welcome to a whole ‘nother world! Little did I know that it would take me this distance not only in the time it has taken to get here but also in the miles that I have traversed since a day in midsummer in El Valle de Anton, Panama when […]

The Last Post

Dear Friends, Compadres, Cohorts, Companions, all Pilgrims on the Path, Warrior Sisters; One and All This is the Last Post. I do not now know today what the outcome is to be but what must be is that I pull back and allow what will be.  My life is fast approaching its final days. The […]

Raising my sights, raising myself to manifest the Ecuador project

July 20 , 2015 Raising my sights, raising myself to manifest the Ecuador project. These have been times of crisis and I acknowledge that I have, for a while at least, made myself their victim. Sure, it is possible for me to talk myself into it because that day in the sheeting rain in Costa […]

Day to Day on the Road

Day to Day on the Road Willy Nelson has a famous song. It was a wonderful liberation to be on the road again. And then it was Mexico for more than 3000 miles; onward through Central America, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and now Panama on the Pan-American Highway another over 1000 miles: […]

Watch and listen for the synchronicity

July 15, 2015 Watch and listen for the synchronicity Those who believe only in the material world call it coincidence: things that happen together: co – together and incidents – happenings, events, etc. It’s also been called serendipity, a word coined by Horace Walpole in 1754 after reading an Arabic fairy tale about the Three […]

Unremarkable persons in quite ordinary lives

July 15, 2015 Unremarkable persons in quite ordinary lives What does it take for unremarkable persons in quite ordinary lives to find our true calling, to join with our soul companions and to meet our destiny? In days past, I attended goddess ceremonials originally sponsored by Starhawk in the San Francisco Bay area of northern […]

On My Birthday

On my birthday Actually I have had only one birth-day. That was July 5, 1939 in Wells, British Columbia, a tiny gold mining town in the north central mountains of the province. It was a tiny hospital as well with 2 beds and, I’ve been told, an old German woman who was the only nurse. […]

An Observation of Latin Culture

June 22, 2015 An Observation of Latin Culture One of the purposes of the drive through Mexico and now in Central America on my way to South America is to immerse myself in the Latin culture. By this I really mean that it was not about taking the drive to visit the piles of rocks […]

Crossroads on the Road Less Traveled

May 16, 2015 Crossroads on the Road Less Traveled The main highways everywhere I have ever been have, all of them, green signs with white lettering and numbers proclaiming the directions and the next landmark on the way. In cities and towns across North America, there are, signs at the corners of the streets as […]

The dichotomy: Main Street evening parade, lively and solemn

May 12, 2015 The dichotomy: Main Street evening parade, lively and solemn First thing I noticed was the Policia in their black and white car, blinking red on the top, leading a parade of many people, some carrying luminaria, handmade paper lanterns on tall sticks extended above their heads. The drums were in the distance with a […]

Memory Foam

May 1, 2015 Memory Foam Have we all heard about memory foam? I bought a piece for my bed in the van and I am not so sure with all the lumpy stuff that I have underneath that it does much good. Well, maybe this piece will do something a little better. On my travels, it […]

Daring and resourceful camo-drest driver of a van!

April  30, 2015 Daring and resourceful camo-drest driver of a van! I have a general ploy that I have used many times to simply save my ass. “Even this must be funny,” is where I am most likely to go. It’s a personal tribute to a master comedian, Jules White, who used to say,  ”It’s all […]

Etrusca Ecuador Permaculture Plantation and Healing Temple

June 5, 2015 BLOG: Etrusca Ecuador Permaculture Plantation and Healing Temple Dear Friends, It’s time to get serious. Near the beginning of my Journey, I wrote a piece: This is not a Travelogue. I came away in December from the United States driving my red Ford van carrying my household with me, carrying what I […]

Tropical pret a porter

April 28, 2015 BLOG: Tropical prêt a porter In our Euro-American world of fashion, we look at the top which might be the Italians, then the French and we look at the bottom, K-Mart, Marshals and T.J.Max. There are some few who regularly attend the Paris atelier to buy their clothes. The New York houses […]

Raven’s Medicine: Making a Successful Life

April 28, 2015 Raven’s Medicine: Making a Successful Life There are many ways to have what may be called a successful life. The materialist says: money is the measure. I just saw a list of 50 people who possess 50% of the world’s wealth. The usual question asked is, “but, are they happy?”  For some […]

Life in the Bodhi Hostel, El Valle, Panama

April 25, 2015 BLOG: Life in the Bodhi Hostel, El Valle, Panama El Valle is a small town. From what I hear from Diana the real estate agent whose office is next door, the town is mostly native Panamanian peoples, some with old time, quite large homes here and a smaller group of white folk […]

Kids on Parade for Peace and Justice

April 25, 2015 BLOG: Kids on Parade for Peace and Justice Since I found a parking place to actually stop the van for more than 24 hours, I have been cleaning up and drying it all out. With that in mind, I had Brad here at the hostel take down the spare tire and loosen […]

Moving on from crisis

April 19, 2015 BLOG: moving on from crisis There are moments in every life that it becomes necessary to simply end the story, end the circumstances, leave behind the mess and move on. After three and a half weeks in Paso Canoas doing okay thank you in a safe place to park in a bus […]

What is Lotus?

April 13, 2015 What is Lotus? When you were doodling around with an ordinary compass as a kid, you probably drew a circle with it and then, shortening the radius of the compass a little, you set the point on the circumference of the circle and drew an arc from the 2 other points on […]

Making Your Own Medicine: a new definition and a new way

April 11, 2015 Making Your Own Medicine: a new definition and a new way The First Nations, Native American peoples lived on Turtle Island (their name for North America) many millennia before any of the White Lodge peoples came. Theirs is a very mature society. Understand that what we think we know about any of […]

Raven’s Medicine

April 10, 2015 Raven’s Medicine Some of you who come to this site which we call Raven’s Medicine might wonder what it’s all about and so, after about 4 months of our progression called Journey of the Lotus, I decided today to talk a little about this. For the average kind of white folk, those […]

The Mornings and the Evenings

April 6, 2015 The Mornings and the Evenings Each day of a Journey takes on its own character. I believe every day is like this but the embarking on a specific trip has a way of focusing my attention when I might not have been doing that at other times. Waiting for a certain time […]

Work Ethic

March 4, 2015 Work Ethic When I was quite a young woman working for my daily bread in a warehouse business that sold lighting, fixtures, cable and assorted equipment for illumination there came a day of intense transformation for me. There was a brilliant 5 minutes of the time I was there when several quite […]

Leaving El Salvador, the next step

March 3, 2015 Leaving El Salvador, the Next step A Journey happens on many levels. Likely the first step at the very beginning was the decision to do the trip in the first place.  I was told once that as soon as a decision is made, the brain responds immediately with its specific chemicals to […]