HAARP + EISCAT + SURA (¿armas medioambientales?)

HAARP comenzó en épocas de la Guerra Fría, y su propósito inicial no tenía mayor conexión con la ionosfera, sino con las comunicaciones submarinas...   resulta que los submarinos mientras más se sumergen tienen más dificultades para comunicarse, entonces el proyecto surgió para investigar la manera en que las ELF (ondas electromagnéticas extremadamente bajas) podían servir para mejorar la comunicación con los submarinos, pero no tuvieron mucho éxito y luego la Guerra Fría se enfrió un poco, entonces la instalación pasó a una segunda etapa...   inicialmente, lo más útil para comprender el propósito de calentar la ionosfera bien puede ser consultar el propio sitio web de HAARP, donde se informa que actualmente manejan varias líneas de investigación, a saber:   1) Space Physics & Aeronomy (Astrofísica y Geofísica Espacial) 2) Tectonics & Sedimentation (Sedimentación y Tectónica) 3) Volcanology (Vulcanología) 4) Atmospheric Sci…
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Tikun Habris (Pgam Habrit)

things you can do to recover learn more:https://www.truekabbalah.org/pages/tikunbris.htm https://www.truekabbalah.org/bris-kodesh/brisindex.htm Most Keri occurs as a result of impure thoughts that pass through the mind throughout the day. These strengthen the animalistic soul. When a person goes to sleep certain parts of his soul leave him. These parts of the soul are associated with the conscious mind, with their protection gone the impurity takes over. On a simple level, all of ones thoughts from the day roll through his mind as he sleeps and now he doesn’t have the same level of will power. When a person has previously sinned by being Pogem Habris, he causes demons to be created. These hang around him at night forcing him to have impure thoughts. One can do things to protect himself, however if his Lilim are powerful they will use the slightest opening to break through. Here is a list of things one can do. -Do not think impure thoughts or look at im…
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ברוך השם ברוך אתה אֲדֹנָי

מלך המָשִׁיחַ ברוך השם ברוך אתה אֲדֹנָי  



ב״ה please allow me to ask towards our common desire for an immediate manifestation מלך המָשִׁיחַ now how much does the present merit of the Jewish people as a whole may or may not influence מלך המָשִׁיחַ does manifest now and, how might the level of collective merit of us goyim also influence towards our strongly desired and long awaited manifestation of our מלך המָשִׁיחַ


מלך המָשִׁיחַ

  מלך המָשִׁיחַ
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‘Ausencia’ – Son Heavy Son

Son Heavy Son interpreta una versión rockera del clásico bolero 'Ausencia', cuyos arreglos originales son del Maestro Willie Colón y la inolvidable, poderosa y majestuosa voz del admirado Héctor Lavoe, el Cantante de los cantantes. 2015, Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá. Son Heavy Son se reúne en Costa Rica para interpretar una neuva verisón del clásico bolero 'Ausencia', con la participación de Nano Lizano en el saxofón. Studio Vintage 2018, San José Costa Rica.
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Adam & Eve, a new twist to an old story…


Here is a proposal for a partial transcription of a very interesting audio conference by Rabbi Manis Friedman, entitled:

A New Twist To An Old Story Please listen to the audio in the original Chabad page: https://www.chabad.org/multimedia/media_cdo/aid/470789/jewish/Old-Story-New-Twist.htm Transcription begins at minute 15:49:

So here is how Chassidus completes the picture and gives us the story behind the story:

Before they ate from the Tree of Knowledge, they were completely holy, totally innocent, completely G-dly, the world was pure, innocent, and evil existed because G-d created night and day, so G-d created darkness and evil, but the evil was in the snake. So the snake was the personification of evil, and Adam & Eve were the personification of G-dliness; and that’s the way it would have remained.That there would be evil in the world and t…
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COSTA RICAN GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS: Costa Rican Government, Gobierno Fácil (where you will find the links to all Costa Rican Public Entities) Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica Costa Rican Judicial Power Costa Rican Electoral Tribunal Office of the President Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Justice and Peace Public Registry Ministry of Public Security Ministry of Foreign Trade Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce Ministry of Finance Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Ministry of Health Ministry of Public Education Ministry of National Planning and Economic Policy Ministry of Science and Technology Ministry of Transport and Public Works Ministry of Labour and Social Security Ministry of Culture and Youth Ministry of Housing Ministry of Social W…
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Ministry of Foreign Trade Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Commerce ; Ministry of Finance Ministry of Agriculture Central Bank Financial System Regulator (SUGEF) Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications (MINAET)  Ministry of National Planning and Economic Policy Ministry of Science and Technology General Direction of Immigration Costa Rican Statistics and Census Bureau National Registry    
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What is לשון הרע Lashon Hara?

Lashon hara literally means “bad talk.” This means that it is forbidden to speak negatively about someone else, even if it is true.   It is also forbidden to repeat anything about another, even if it is not a negative thing. This is called rechilut.   It is also forbidden to listen to lashon hara. One should either reprimand the speaker, or, if that is not possible, one should extricate oneself from that situation.   Even if one has already heard the lashon hara, it is forbidden to believe it. On the contrary, one should always judge one’s fellow favorably.   If one has already heard the lashon hara, he is forbidden to believe it. Nevertheless, one may suspect that the lashon hara is true, and take the necessary precautions to protect oneself.   It is forbidden to even make a motion that is derogatory towards someone.   One may not even retell a negative event without…
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Why is a Raven like a writing desk?

I have always believed that Lewis Carroll was on to something! My heartfelt greetings to you; thank you so very much for hanging out with me over all this considerable time. There have been, for each of us; surely all of us, a lot of changes since sometime in 2014 when RavensMedicine first appeared. As you well know, I am one of those ones who is always ready to go even deeper down the rabbit hole. Even since I was led to come back to Canada in October 2015, I have been steadily keeping on. Now it is 2017, only a very short time to solstice once again. I’m certain that you are noticing in your own way and in your own place the changes going on in our world. This old lady is, within herself, one of those not very wimpy or weak ones, but one of the meek ones whose plan it is to inherit our earth. At this time, however it appears that the game going on around us is increasing in momentum and in the many revelations of ghastly evil that abound. It is enough to cause …
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Ese Hastío (Piensa en mí)

Cuando tengas una pena muy profunda se sincera, piensa en mí, y verás que hasta las cosas más absurdas no son nada para ti... Cuando tengas en la mente un sueño bello se sincera, piensa en mí, y verás que entre los dos resulta fácil convertirlo en realidad... Y si acaso para ti ya soy hastío no te detengas, se sincera también pues mi amor está dispuesto a soportar, si es de ti, ese hastío... Y si acaso para ti ya soy hastío, no, no te detengas, se sincera también pues mi amor está dispuesto a soportar, a soportar ese hastío...  

  "Ese hastío" es un clásico cubano original del Maestro Meme Solís (https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme_Sol%C3%ADs), muy famoso en la década de los años sesenta en la interpretación del "Cuarteto Los Meme". Posteriormente el Maestro Ray Barreto grabó en Nueva York una inspirada y poderosa versión con todo el peso y el sabor de La Fania...     Miguel Zenón …
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The issue is invective, vitriol and other kinds of bad attitude.

The stuff is everywhere in our world and so are the people who perpetrate it. It is not difficult to call forth from any stranger on the streets some kind of anger,  road rage, or a torrent of shouted words laden with the verbal filth of our times. Since it seems to be so prevalent, I felt it was a good plan to meet it head on and add this short piece to the mix which is meant to address those who find it part of their quest (or paid for work) to add their invective to the blog world and my site particularly. Grandmother holds her hand on her hip: Aren’t you ashamed of yourself yet? I notice that the ones who are most likely to hold these bad attitudes are ones that in some way find it necessary to broadcast their authority and overall self importance. Another way to say this is that they really cannot help it: they are automatic tyrants, with accents on the ‘rant’! They are not in charge of their mouths or their lives. And. as said, they may even be paid to cruise and…
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Teaching Ravens To Fly Underwater

During the last 40 years of his life, the reputable and quite distinguised expert Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling has been teaching ravens to fly underwater. Please watch this interview to learn more about his not extremely startling nor astonishing level of success: break a swan's wing with a blow of her nose... Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling is a fictional character played by British comedian Peter Cook throughout his career. Streeb-Greebling (or Greeb-Streebling, depending on Cook's mood) is a stereotype of the upper class English duffer, described as "narrow-minded" and occasionally a "heartless bastard". Please enjoy a sadly incomplete transcription for this essential and paramount interview about a man's life, a man's profession, a man's quest... (Peter Cook & Dudley Moore) Dudley: (Arts programme type interviewer) We're very pleased to have in the studio tonight, one of the very few people in the world, if not the only person in the world, to have…
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