Why is a Raven like a writing desk?

I have always believed that Lewis Carroll was on to something!

My heartfelt greetings to you; thank you so very much for hanging out with me over all this considerable time. There have been, for each of us; surely all of us, a lot of changes since sometime in 2014 when RavensMedicine first appeared.

As you well know, I am one of those ones who is always ready to go even deeper down the rabbit hole. Even since I was led to come back to Canada in October 2015, I have been steadily keeping on.

Now it is 2017, only a very short time to solstice once again.

I’m certain that you are noticing in your own way and in your own place the changes going on in our world. This old lady is, within herself, one of those not very wimpy or weak ones, but one of the meek ones whose plan it is to inherit our earth.

At this time, however it appears that the game going on around us is increasing in momentum and in the many revelations of ghastly evil that abound. It is enough to cause wise ones to take a deep breath and ask a few questions of one’s friends.

So draw a little closer around the fire here, bring out the sticks to toast the marshmallows over the flames and cozy together for comfort and camaraderie and, while we munch out on sweet and sticky stuff, let us together check this out.

I know you have questions and here are the ones I am asking.

I’m an old lady, (I crossed over from ‘older” to being “old” some time ago!) and I’m here in one of those world class urban environments, Vancouver, Canada. I’m presently homeless, living in an emergency shelter and rolling in a wheel chair because my long challenged lungs no longer support the oxygen levels needed for my heart to function properly, which in itself is teaching me a lot that I did not know.

What am I going to do now? Where will I be living? Who can I count on to support and assist me? Where are there real friends? Who is it who can understand that we are always better in a creative cooperation, in a collaboration that is our collective safety? Is it useful at all to continue to put out a consciousness raising blog when all about me are people racing after money and fame and just some kind of life? Who might be listening? Who else gets that we are in a very dangerous situation everywhere in our world?

I know I’m not the only one with these ideas and concerns but I am hanging out here mostly alone wondering who else might be thinking like this.

That is the motivation of this letter. I’m sending it to the ones in my life who are my most important and those who have shown themselves to be more awake than many. You are one of those who has responded in many different ways. You probably know that I am able to piggyback on your energy signature since you showed up. I notice and validate your brightness and inner spiritual convictions. It just seemed obvious to ask these questions of you now.

What are you paying attention to these days? What is making sense to you? What are you up to day by day? What are your plans? Might it be that the ideas, the words of RavensMedicine are something that you look forward to, that you might consider supporting with your meditations, with cooperation and collaboration? It this whole trip useful to you?

And more important than any of this: what else are you aware of that I am missing?

And just as if this were not a big enough question, this is what else: we do have to understand that any and all kinds of electronic communication has been collected and stored for at least 10 years. The world is managed and governed by a criminal cabal alive and well all over the world which plan is endless war, non ending crime, growing miserable abject poverty including lack of nutritious food and life sustaining water, disease, torture, lawlessness, and increasing police or religious control of our societies. There is even an indication of an inner and outer invisible matrix from which there might be no way out.

If there is one single reason, out of many, that I am motivated to continue the blog, to continue to reach out to people, to continue to give the best understanding and insight that I can, to continue to put myself on the front line; it is that I am certain that the peace and our freedom are in jeopardy. It is, after all a human world.

It is a truth not well understood that we do not know our true potential having lived in state of siege and survival for a very long while. What might humans be like if our world were at peace?

So there it is. Please allow a little time to contemplate and soon find some kind of time to thoughtfully reply. Consider that our lives depend on us and on our view and vision for our world.

I love you dearly. Thank you very much. This is Amraah.