the balance of participation

Participation, the Short Version

Part One: Pay yourself First

My personal story begins in 1979 when I attended a ‘Prosperity Seminar” given by John Roger.

His teaching was simple: Pay yourself first by tithing (10%) to the God Force living within you/me. Separate 10%, 10 cents of every dollar, one dollar of every 10; 10 dollars of every one hundred and keep it in a sacred stash (not in the bank.)

The basic idea is that in order to empower yourself, your natural creativity, your natural generosity, your natural magnanimity, it is necessary to do that with sacred money; money not related in any way to the private bank’s fiat money.

Even though we are using that fiat currency, when we separate it from the ‘system’, as soon as we declare it sacred, it becomes our personal empowerment.

At the time, I placed the tithe I had in a small cotton bag and wore it in the front of my jeans at my naval. People came to me to pay me back the courtesy loans I had made to them. People also asked more often for my services and I discovered that I was actually bringing in much more money than I thought.

Over time, this method has kept me solvent: I have never again been broke. And I always had money to fulfill my purpose whether it was a new set of tires, a special educational seminar, to offer a sacred gift to a person I saw as worthy of generosity or for a special concert or event, or relocating myself to another part of the world.


Part Two: There are two ways to interpret the rules of the game.

So, what’s the game? Play to Win! Of course!

But what is going on in the world of money is that the game is set up so that most of the players are not supposed to win: only the banks are supposed to win. Every time we use the bank, we are giving it power over us and over our lives.

Isn’t it time to stop playing by their rules?

At a seminar given by one John Kalench, I learned that there are two ways to interpret the rules of the game.

The way we play, one by one, empowers the bank of take our money and keep us broke so we believe we need the bank.

However, when we cooperate together to play, we empower ourselves so that all of us can achieve a perfect score. I liked that idea!


Part Three: Here is how it works

Imagine a group of people in our town coming together to form a sacred circle of power, a circle of people declaring themselves sovereign, responsible and accountable. When we gather together in such a circle, the God Force is both in us and with us and our resources can be found in the empty center of our circle. When two or three are gathered together, there I AM.

Each of us then dedicates ourselves to bring a tithe of our earnings daily to our circle and to place this money into a sacred stash to accumulate for the good of all of us.

By pooling our small resources, they become large until we have a great deal of power to do good for ourselves, for our families, for all of our people. And we teach everyone we know to participate with us as we grow. By pooling our small resources, they become large until we have a great deal of power to do good for ourselves, for our families, for all of our people. And we teach everyone we know to participate with us as we grow.

When we do this in a cooperative way: everyone places their sacred money into a group stash this is the beginnings of a PUBLIC bank.

A public bank is defined by the people who are the bank, who make their own rules to operate their bank. By pooling the sacred stash, a great deal of financial power can be accumulated in quite a short time.

It is a spiritual truth, that everyone knows what is needed and wanted for their lives, and everyone knows what they personally can do to achieve their natural life.

Every group of people, by forming a sacred circle of sovereign power, has the intelligence, the energy and the creativity to govern their lives and to provide for themselves and their families.


Part Four: Participation

Because of the way the game is set up by the private banks, everyone competes often times even with their friends and neighbors, with all their people. This competition serves the bank to keep us all broke with the money they make scarce, with money they manipulate worldwide to create debt, and which enslaves individuals and whole nations to their debt.

All we have to do to prove this statement is to check out the situations in various countries around the world who are beholden to the International Money Fund which is, yup, another private bank!

How can we participate in the world according to our best ideal? How may we serve the Peace among us, among our people if we are playing the biggest game in our lives, according to some one else’s rules?

Is this not a formula for failure, for despair, for running on empty in the endless squirrel cage?

It has been for me a lifelong, sacred task to educate myself. None of the teaching I got as a young female child convinced me to depend on men for my life, or my identity. In 1957, when I was only seventeen, I began to make personal decisions about the people and the world I was living in. I could never fit into the program that was being offered as it would have been, in my view, a spiritual compromise to become the kind of person they wanted me to be.

As I have grown up over time, I have worked out for myself what was really going on in my world. I listen deeply to people, I listen to how they talk about themselves and their lives, I listen to how they identify themselves and how they make their way given what they can understand.

I began to understand how the small games worked and I also began to understand how the world game works. In terms of real human potential, that is a really small game!

None of us is supposed to win. There are elements now in our world who seek the destruction of 90% of the world peoples. They do that my telling us there are too many of us here.

If we gave every single person of the billions there are, ¼ acre on which to live on the continent of Australia, there would still be about 20% of the land mass left. There are not too many people in the world. We have a natural right to live, we have a spiritual right to thrive. We do not need permission from anyone to help ourselves. We do not need permission from anyone to do what is right, either.

This teaching is about empowering each other to thrive. I invite you all to participate to win the peace we all crave. It is really hard to recycle bombs! Why not make them and all those really bad games, obsolete?

If it isn’t you, who? Is it isn’t now, when.

P.S.  It is always now.