Tangara Vitriolina

The issue is invective, vitriol and other kinds of bad attitude.

The stuff is everywhere in our world and so are the people who perpetrate it. It is not difficult to call forth from any stranger on the streets some kind of anger,  road rage, or a torrent of shouted words laden with the verbal filth of our times.

Since it seems to be so prevalent, I felt it was a good plan to meet it head on and add this short piece to the mix which is meant to address those who find it part of their quest (or paid for work) to add their invective to the blog world and my site particularly.

Grandmother holds her hand on her hip: Aren’t you ashamed of yourself yet?

I notice that the ones who are most likely to hold these bad attitudes are ones that in some way find it necessary to broadcast their authority and overall self importance. Another way to say this is that they really cannot help it: they are automatic tyrants, with accents on the ‘rant’! They are not in charge of their mouths or their lives. And. as said, they may even be paid to cruise and drop excrement wherever they pass.

Grandmother says, ‘Shame! Shame on you!”

In fact, they have come along to the coat rack of the choices of what to be in life, how to feel and how to act toward themselves and others. What do they choose: really ugly, ill fitting, dirty and ragged garments that do not become them?

Remember: what goes around comes around: they are piling up the fuel for their own roiling, churning self hate.

They are up to their armpits in the alligators they have created no doubt wondering where they came from.

The side effect is that it is so bad for them, they simply must hand off all that bad attitude and bad acting.

I have heard from others who blog that sometimes they attract someone to their site who simply trashes everything with awful, stinging words.

I say this to my blogging friends: they can’t help it. It’s their job to trash themselves: who, after all, is the first one to wear these ugly words and feelings? It is not me nor is it you my dear friends, my readers.

In all our lives, we can make a choice for beauty, for truth, for loving kindness and sweetness – or not! The ones who choose a wholesome and generous way become our friends and supporters.

The rest are out where they should be: in the muddy outfield unable to affect their rage on anyone else.

So let us together say to them – the ones who came here to trash me and my writing and those ones who choose to confront with their invective: what goes around comes around: enjoy the banquet!  Thank you very much.