Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg

In the first few years of his life, Nicholas de Vere was raised in the Hertfordshire countryside. At the age of seven, Nicholas’ family moved to the remote outskirts of the Kentish village of Kemsing, and then later to isolated rural settings in Devon and Sussex. Nicholas’ father and mother sought to protect Nicholas from the usual human mediocrity and banality of the cities, in the natural sanctuary of the country. Nicholas’ father was a skilled backwoodsman and during these formative years Nicholas was instilled with country knowledge, as well as a deep respect for the natural world and its delicate balances. As he was growing up, Nicholas’ father taught him of the family’s royal Scottish origins and of its involvement with royal witchcraft within the dragon tradition, which had been passed down to Nicholas’ father by his own parents. Nicholas’ father was gifted with the “king’s touch.” His paternal grandmother - a Scottish Gael - was a skilled seer, and his maternal…
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