Drack Physiology

Classic Dragons are homeothermic reptiles. Homeothermy is a thermoregulation process which maintains a stable internal body temperature regardless of external influence. A warm-blooded creature, the Dragon's body temperature is controlled internally. This characteristic enables Dracks to adapt to so many diverse climates upon a largely extensive habitat. Dragon maintains activities both day and night throughout the year, not being dependent on the warmth from the Sun like all other reptiles. The dragon generally has wings, and his bones are hollow, for lightness.

It is important to note that the bones of a dragon are hollow, thus greatly reducing the bones mass (and weight, correspondingly).

Dragon physiology is formidable and ideal to fly very well and at great speed.

The scales are pentagonal, and shaped like a teardrop, with two long sides and two shorter ones, an…

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starting project NI.BI.RU.

my friend said:

bringing all 780,000 entities back, ripping them off from ten different people, and yes, I feel them all reentering my physical body. I feel like a vibration toy.

then, some obnoxious entities said through him:

we must win the war and with the power from the twelfth planet, now we have our vessel again and soon we will beat them with our secrets.

which lead us to start revealing some secrets today: it is lovely that our project has officially started, my dear friend... nevertheless, they may be up for a surprise... what if, instead of "winning the war" we all find a creative path towards a win-win situation? whatever quarrel there may still remain amongst star brothers, we must be clear that this is not our business any longer... we now dare our friends En.ki & En.lil to fight to death AMONGST THEMSELVES ONLY, if they so desire... although, in truth we invite them to reconsi…
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