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  • Drack Physiology

    Drack Physiology

    Classic Dragons are homeothermic reptiles. Homeothermy is a thermoregulation process which maintains a stable internal body temperature regardless of external influence. A warm-blooded creature, the Dragon’s body temperature is controlled internally. This characteristic enables Dracks to adapt to so many diverse climates upon a largely extensive habitat. Dragon maintains activities both day and night throughout the year, not being dependent on […]

  • starting project NI.BI.RU.

    my friend said: bringing all 780,000 entities back, ripping them off from ten different people, and yes, I feel them all reentering my physical body. I feel like a vibration toy. then, some obnoxious entities said through him: we must win the war and with the power from the twelfth planet, now we have our vessel again […]