Trees in Sierra Chincua, Michoacan, Mexico

Arboles Magic: Tree Magic

February 12, 2015

BLOG: Arboles Magic: Tree Magic

There was some time ago that I began to understand our human relationship with the plant kingdom. In my 30’s near the beginning of my training, a sweet older woman sat with me to talk about the kingdoms of nature. At the time, it was all a new concept but as she softly spoke to me, I watched the wonder of it all slip over her whole body like a beautiful lace shawl. From there it was not difficult to relate to what she was telling to me.

Remembering that this may be termed, spiritual science, the concepts are broad and also mystical in their progression and dovetail into what our ‘hard’ science has discerned about the history of the planet, the solar system and our galaxy.

The planet begins her journey in her mineral form and attracts to herself ‘atmosphere’, the element of air, and from that the rains (water element) fall incessantly for quite some revolutions of the sun forming rivers, lakes and ocean on the surface.

The plant kingdom is first seeded in the ocean forming a delicious ‘soup’, a nourishment, for the next life forms and for the progression of the plant kingdom to the land. Between the atmosphere and the plant kingdom, the mineral surfaces are eroded until there are layers of plain dirt into which root systems may penetrate allowing vertical growth of plants.

I did say something about mystical and magical, did I not?

The Plant Kingdom becomes more dominant on the surface of the planet and at some mysterious moment in the no time of the infinite, from the aluna or mirror worlds also known now as the quantum universes, the animals are attracted to the environment created for them.

Sometime after, as the environment has become fecund, fertile and ready to support human life, the humans also appear from the mirror and begin to populate the whole of the earth.

This period is alluded to in our Bible with the idea that spirit moves across the waters.

There have been virtually unfathomable, vast eons of time, revolutions of the planet around the sun and the progression of the solar system around its galactic core. There is no possible way that our brains can really cognate on what all this really means and so, as all cultures have done, we create a mythical story about it some of which remains very mysterious and some of which becomes codified, recorded and accepted science.

I believe I was fortunate to learn some of these charming ideas from so lovely a woman well into her 70’s in the days I was 30 something. Now that I am where she was then, I take upon myself the welcome task of being, as she was, a way-shower, someone willing to take up the ideas, weave them once again into a tapestry of words that can be a spiritual garment thrown over your shoulders, warming and comforting.

I have not taken them as ‘belief’ rather as an underpinning of informed feeling that supports the intelligence I have partly trained by my experience and partly trained by education in school and beyond.

Just as you have done in your life!

Then, recently I have taken myself, in my big old Red Bear van, off into the hinterlands of North America southward to a destination in our southerly sister continent. Sure, there are countries, people, towns, highways, tons of basura, and borders but nothing of the natural kingdoms recognize any of these boundaries. The river Arce here does not know it flows between Guatemala and El Salvador. Only humans think like this.

With these strange understandings, I drive daily across the land and witness the plant kingdom and the trees, arboles in Spanish.

It is not just the trees, my darlings, it is the spirit of the trees. It is not just the land, it is the spirit of the land. It is not just human people, it is the spirit of the people. Are we so clever that we do not recognize the deep nurturance that comes to us from these understandings?

The trees in the tropics grow to be tall, spreading and magnificent everywhere in the fields, across the landscape, seen as green patches on the distant hills and mountains. Many of them near the highways here in Mexico and further south as allowed to simply grow as they will upward and over the roadways, bending and blessing the way with the shade they create and by the spirit living within them. We are kin. Our blood is green and it is made with light.

Now that is a really enormous idea to contemplate and to allow to seep and settle into your sensibilities as an enrichment for your life and times. Bon appétit!