Thy Pythonic Tale of Python

History of Python Late 1980s: Guido van Rossum, working at the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science in the Netherlands (CWI), starts designing Python as a hobby project. He's aiming to address shortcomings he sees in ABC, another language he had helped create. December 1989: Van Rossum begins the actual implementation. He takes inspiration from ABC, the language SETL, and Modula-3, among others. February 1991: The first public release (version 0.9.0) is made on the alt.sources newsgroup, marking Python's public birth. Early 1990s: Python steadily grows in popularity, with a small but dedicated community forming. Key developments include: Lambdas, map, filter, and reduce are added (1994). List comprehensions are introduced (1994). The __future__ module is created to manage transitions between versions (1998). 2000: Version 2.0 arrives with major features: Full garbage collector (cycle detection). Unicode support, making internationalizatio…
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