Blue Butterfly Hotel


Blue Butterfly Hotel is located near a tropical reef. We are the ONLY nature resort in Puerto Viejo town itself. We are proud to say that you can see every imaginable Costa Rican animal in our very back yard.

We are minutes from all amenities, the supermarkets, the banks, clubs, bars and beach, yet far from noise. You can see the waves crashing from the top of our mountain.

We chose Puerto Viejo after going through every part of the country and prefer it because of its mild weather, its lush tropical foliage and because of its tours that are unique to this area such as chocolate and island tours. We are next to one of the only surviving coral reefs. As a result, the sea is filled with nature unlike any other elsewhere.

The Caribbean offers the most incredible marine azure colors as a result of the coral reefs that are unique to this area. We are near nearly untouched national parks that are perhaps the most beautiful in the world with trees a hundred foot tall and canopied misty rainforests.

It is easy to find your own secret private hiding spot here as there are hundreds of beaches and alcoves. Our hotel is filled with perfumed flowers smelling like frangipani and jasmine.

Our location is very romantic. Sometimes at night you can see iridescent flying insects lighting up the sky in a dancing symphony. You can hear the waves crash on the shore.. You can listen to birds and animals making their own songs…Our hotels have thatched roofs, large hardwood balconies made of hardwood and bamboo with hammocks. 360 degree lofts and views of tropical paradise from almost every room. We have 13 foot bamboo showers and a bamboo 100 foot plant.

We grow our own bananas, pineapples, coconuts and other fruits. We have birds of paradise plants and orchids and amongst others..You can watch hummingbird’s parrots, sloths, blue butterflies and others in the yard. Most beds are made of bamboo and are canopied with nets, except for the budget rooms that are wooden with nets.

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75 meters West of Lidia's place. Puerto Viejo, Limón, Costa Rica.Puerto Viejo,Cahuita,Talamanca,Limón,Costa Rica  Show Phone Number